The second world war is considered one of the most terrifying wars in the history of mankind. Advancement in technology brings a big fear of loss of mankind. World war 2 started in September 1939 between many countries. There were almost 30 countries involved directly or indirectly in the war. These countries have their best weapons according to that era.

When World War 2 was about to begin every country tried to make advancements in their weapons and technology. An excessive number of weapons were made by one of the greatest nations of that time like the United States, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, and many other countries.

This war was fought between two groups. One side was (Germany, Italy, and Japan) and another side was (France, Great Britain, the United States, the Soviet Union, and China). All these nations had their best weapons at that time. Some of the famous World War 2 weapons are:

The M1 Garand Rifle

The M1 Garand rifle was used by Americans according to the history of World War 2 and in the Korean war. A semi-automatic rifle and still a military honor guard and the reliability of this rifle was proven on the battlefield. This was useful on the battlefield in any weather condition whether it was extremely cold or also in high temperature.

It was made by French Canadian-born John C. Garand. He joined the US military and started working on it. It was the first standard semi-automatic military rifle. The effective range of this gun is 800 meters. It is an 8mm rifle and has a capacity of 8 long bullets. Some of its qualities are:

  • AirSoft Gas Operated
  • Reliable in water
  • Perfect Aim
  • Semi-Automatic

It gave a high advantage to the US military against the Japanese army on the battlefield of World War 2. That is why it is considered one of the deadliest weapons in world war 2 history.

The 88mm Gun

This gun was made in 1930 by Germans. It is an anti-craft and anti-tank gun. This was one of the recognizable World War 2 weapons from the German’s side, it is a big gun and cannot be operated by a single person. It was useful in world war 2 inland war as well as in the navy war. 88mm Gun has the ability to destroy a tank or even a helicopter. This Gun can be moveable in all directions. It is estimated that the maximum range of this gun is 9900m.

88mm Gun generally perceived as maybe the best all-around anti-tank gun of the war. It could undoubtedly give the capability in a full 360-degree cross, and it could enter the front-facing protection of any Allied tank on the field. The weapon’s particular, intensely inclining front protection could divert most approaching rounds.

T-34 Tank

It was made in 1940 in the Soviet medium during World War 2 history. It can move at 360 degrees and has good aim. Firstly, the Soviet Union used this against Barbarossa in the war. The length of this tank is 21 ft and 11 inches. The width is 9ft and 10 inches.

The medium T-34 tank was one of the technological wonders of the second world war. The model of this tank was designed on the basis of fast speed, secure and more destructive.

Katyusha Rocket Launcher

This rocket launcher was also made by the Soviet Union for World War 2. It was designed to destroy a larger area at a very long distance. With increasing curiosity and tension on the battlefield, everyone wants to end a war as soon as possible. That is why each is trying to build such remarkable World War 2 weapons that will amaze the opponents.

This rocket launcher was considered one of the deadliest weapons. It was produced in 1941. The advantage of this rocket launcher was that a high number of rockets can be released in a very short time and cover a large area. It was used in World War 2 with trucks, military trains. Each truck had 14 to 48 launchers.

The rockets used in this launcher had 42kg in weight. But this weapon was less accurate than other conventional military guns. It can impact 4000 square meters in 7 to 8 seconds with 4.35 tons of highly explosive material. That is why it was very effective in the war. Many other famous wars also gain a great impact from this rocket launcher.

Messerschmitt Me 262

It was the first military jet aircraft. It was made by Germans. The first flight of this jet was made in 1941. It was made by an aeronautical engineer called Villa Han Messerschmitt. It was a remarkable invention in terms of the battlefield. The success of this machine brings hope for Germans that they will win the fight and the dream of Hitler’s.

The Me 262 was entirely quick, to the point that German pilots required new strategies to assault Allied aircraft. In the head-on assault, the consolidated shutting pace of around 320 m/s (720 mph) was excessively high for precise shooting, with a weapon that could just discharge around 44 shells every second (650 rounds/min from each gun) altogether from the group of four of them.

Indeed, even from toward the back, the end speed was too extraordinary to even consider utilizing the short-run group of four of MK 108 guns to the most extreme impact. Subsequently, an exciting ride assault was contrived. The Me 262s drew closer from toward the back and around 1,800 m higher (5,900 ft) than the aircraft.

From around five km behind (3.1 mi), they went into a shallow jump that took them through the escort contenders with little danger of interference. The Me 262 was entirely quick, to the point that German pilots required new strategies to assault Allied aircraft.

Mk 2 Grenade

It was designed by the US military in 1918. It is a hand grenade used in many wars including World War 2. This was also known as pineapple grenade due to its shape and was also considered as one of the most used weapons in World War 2. It was used for short-range fights and is considered a successful weapon in World War 2 history.

A safety pin was used as a trigger to use this grenade. Just pull out the pin from the grenade and throw it to the opponents as far as you can. Then within a few seconds, it will be down as other grenades do.

Avro Lancaster Bomber

Avro Lancaster bomber was made by the British. The first flight of this bomber was on 9 January 1941. It was an extended prototype of Avro Manchester Bomber. This craft was there to do bombing raids in Germany.

The length of this bomber machine was 69 feet 4 inches. As indicated by the BAE Systems legacy page on the Lancaster aircraft, named ‘Avro 683 Lancaster’. It could arrive at paces of up to 282 mph (454 km/h) at a load of 63,000 lb. on its four Rolls-Royce Merlin V12 motors. It was one of the deadliest World War 2 weapons from the British army in World War 2.

Hawker Hurricane

A single-seat aircraft built by Hawkers Aircraft Ltd. For the British Army in 1937. The maximum speed of this craft was 340mph and had a range of 468 miles. It was one of the important crafts in the early days of World War 2 history. These crafts were also flown to Belgium, Romania, Turkey, and Yugoslavia.

A bigger fight brought a major innovation on the battlefield. The Hawker Hurricane plays an important role for Great Britain against the German air force. More than 1200 hurricanes were present in this war and The maximum speed of a hawker hurricane was almost 340mph. That is why it is considered one of the deadliest weapons in the history of World War 2.

Bottom Line

Wars always bring shatter. According to an estimate, 60 million humans lose their lives in the war which was 3 percent of the total population of that time. Advancement in technology resulted in a huge loss. This huge loss eats many golden years in the recovery of these nations.

Machinery and weapons are one of the greatest assets in the war that is why everyone is now trying to do more and more in the field of weapons. From then to now most countries trying to be ready for the combat of atomic bombs in the future.

Due to the success of these weapons in World War 2, these weapons are always remembered when someone talks about this deadly war. That is why these countries keep these weapons in museums as a sample.

With the help of these, the people of those countries who participated in World War 2 used to teach their students and children about the war. The debate on the deadliest weapons started many long ago. Let’s see what we will face in the upcoming years.


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